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Wide application of Extra Wide Plastic Food Wrap
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Ultra-wide plastic food packaging can meet the requirements of more food packaging, not only has high transparency, but also has great application prospects. Today's ultra-wide plastic food packaging has achieved high utilization in our lives. Ultra-wide plastic food packaging is a kind of packaging bag that uses plastic as raw material and is used to produce various kinds of articles in daily life. It is widely used in daily life and industrial production.


Ultra-wide plastic food packaging can play a certain role in preservation. In the production, polyethylene is usually used as raw material. The wide application of film bags and plastic bags has brought great convenience to our modern life. Moreover, in order to adapt to the development of environmental protection, production companies are also actively producing green and environmentally friendly packaging bags.


Ultra-wide plastic food packaging film is also a major consumable in current life. At the same time, according to the requirements of use, the structure of the ultra-wide plastic food packaging can be designed in different shapes. Under normal circumstances, light bag load weight is more than 1kg; medium bag load weight is 1-10kg; heavy bag load is 10-30kg; container bag load is more than 1000kg.