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Whether Household PVC Plastics Wrap can keep fresh fruits and vegetables
- Dec 08, 2018 -

In fact, in our daily life, not all foods are suitable for Household PVC Plastics Wrap. Apples, pears, rapeseed, sorghum and other fruits and vegetables with large moisture are suitable for cling film. These fruits and vegetables use cling film, which not only keeps fresh for a long time, but also adds some of the nutrients. However, the experimental results of radish, cucumber and beans are completely opposite.

In addition, cooked food, hot food, oily foods, especially meat, should not be stored in household wrap. When these foods come into contact with the cling film, the chemical components in the cling film material will volatilize and dissolve into the food, causing health hazards. The role of cling film is only to prevent food from simmering in the refrigerator and not to dry the food.

Many people will ask if the plastic wrap in the home will produce bacteria, is it because the plastic wrap itself contains bacteria, or where the bacteria come from. The household cling film is made of a polymer material and does not produce bacteria by itself. There are a variety of microorganisms in the air, and there are also a small number of pathogenic microorganisms, and the biggest role of covering the plastic wrap on fruits and vegetables is to prevent cross-infection of food in the refrigerator.

Remind everyone that when packaging any Household PVC Plastics Wrap, it is best not to use microwave oven to cook or heat in steamer or rice cooker. Even if the food is not in contact with cling film, do not heat it with plastic wrap.