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What materials and plastic materials can be used for Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Fruits, vegetables and plastics are closely wrapped, which literally means that fruits and vegetables are wrapped in plastic to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables and to extend their freshness. In the packaging method of fruits and vegetables, there is more material using cling film. Moreover, it can have a better use effect, so, next, it is to understand this specific aspect in depth, and know how to use plastic wrap to closely wrap fruit and vegetables.


1. Why do you use plastic wrap in Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap?

The reason why the plastic wrap is used in the fruit and vegetable plastic close package is:

The cling film is made of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. The cling film made of these materials can have good gas permeability and moisture impermeability, and is wrapped around the fruits and vegetables. The ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide around the preservatives, the second is to maintain the moisture content of the bag, to prevent water loss in fruits and vegetables, and the third is to block the dust and bacteria in the air to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


In addition, fruits and vegetables are organic foods, which have a relatively high water content of 60% to 95% and contain some water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. Therefore, the use of plastic wrap for the close packaging of fruits and vegetables, can have a good use effect, and make fruits and vegetables have a good preservation effect.


2. Why is it not recommended to use plastic bags in Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap?

Plastic bags are not recommended for Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap. There are two main reasons. First, plastics cannot meet the purpose of packaging fruits and vegetables. Second, if plastic bags are used, if they are placed for too long, they will Fruits and vegetables are decomposed and deteriorated due to lack of oxygen, which in turn affects their preservation and consumption.


3. Fruits, vegetables and plastics are closely wrapped, what are the plastic materials?

Fruit and vegetable plastics are closely attached to the package. The available plastic materials are generally required to be food grade safety plastic materials. The specific ones are:


Material 1: PE

PE, which is polyethylene, is a commonly used material for cling film. Moreover, if it is used to wrap fruits and vegetables, it has good packaging quality and packaging effect, and for fruits and vegetables, it can also obtain good preservation effect.

Material 2: PP

It is one of the common materials and can be used in Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap. The advantage of this material is that it can be used in high temperature environment. Therefore, it can be used in microwave heating and has high strength and folding resistance. Guaranteed good use.