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What is the use of Supermarket special plastic wrap?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The Supermarket special plastic wrap is mainly made of PE material, which is used to package meat, cooked food, vegetables, etc. in the supermarket; such protective film can also be heated in a microwave oven at a temperature not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius. The difference between supermarket-specific cling film and PVC cling film is transparency and strength.


From the transparency point of view, the transparency of the special wrap film for supermarkets is not as good as that of PVC cling film; by pulling the experiment, the PE cling film has a small pulling force and the PVC cling film has a large pulling force; after the fire test, the supermarket special wrap film is easy to burn and will drip.


We can use supermarket-specific cling film to cover food containers to protect against bacterial infections; wrap foods for easy storage; or refrigerate soup bowls covered with plastic wrap to separate the oil from the soup. When using the plastic wrap for supermarkets, if it is used to heat oily foods, keep the wrap and food in isolation, and do not allow direct contact between the two.


The correct method is to use a supermarket-specific plastic wrap to cover the utensils when heating the food, and then use a needle such as a toothpick to place a few holes on the wrap to facilitate the evaporation of moisture and prevent the plastic wrap due to gas expansion. blasting. The highest heat-resistant temperature marked by each brand of plastic wrap is different, and some have a difference of about 10 °C. When the temperature in the microwave oven is high, it generally reaches about 110 °C. When it takes a long time to heat, you can choose the heat resistance. High cling film.