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What is the preservation principle of Thin PVC Plastic Wrap?
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Usually we use the thin plastic wrap, knowing that it can keep a lot of things fresh. After harvesting, fresh fruits and vegetables are still undergoing normal respiration-oriented metabolic activities during storage, which is characterized by consumption of oxygen, release of carbon dioxide, and release of certain The heat. The thin plastic wrap has a unique adjustable breathing system, which can appropriately reduce the oxygen concentration in the storage environment and appropriately increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, inhibit the respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the respiratory intensity, reduce the metabolic rate, delay the aging, and reduce the active ingredients in fruits and vegetables. Reduced and consumed.


At the same time, the thin plastic wrap can contribute to the low oxygen and high carbon dioxide and inhibit the biosynthesis of ethylene, weaken the physiological role of ethylene, inhibit the occurrence and development of certain physiological diseases, and reduce the rot loss during storage. These are all beneficial to prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.


During the storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables after harvesting, the water in the body gradually loses, causing the surface of fruits and vegetables to shrink and the gloss to fade. The thin plastic wrap has the function of automatically adjusting the humidity inside the bag, which can provide the optimum humidity of fruits and vegetables, promote the increase of the combined water content in the fruits and vegetables, and reduce the water loss rate, limit the excessive loss of water and nutrients, and maintain the fruits and vegetables. The appearance and quality of the product thus extend the shelf life.


In addition, the surface of fruits and vegetables will carry bacteria and pesticide residues. The thin plastic wrap can kill or inhibit the growth, infestation and expansion of various fungi on the surface of fruits and vegetables and during packaging, and effectively control the harmful factors released when the fruits and vegetables mature. And the pesticide residue on the surface of fruits and vegetables has a good decomposition and elimination effect, so that the quality and taste of the products in the bag are kept fresh under appropriate conditions.