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What foods and what are the requirements for different plastic wraps?
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Cling  Film  Food Wrap, that is, plastic wrap is used for food packaging, and from the current point of view, the use of cling film on food packaging is also very common and commonly used, has penetrated into our daily lives, so there are It is necessary to understand to properly carry out food packaging work.


1. What is cling film? It is used in food packaging and in which areas are widely used?

The cling film, which is a plastic packaging product from a professional point of view, is made by polymerization of ethylene as a master batch. Moreover, it can be divided into three categories, which are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidene chloride protective film, namely PE, PVC and PVDC cling film.

Cling film is used for food packaging, that is, plastic wrap food packaging, in the food category, mainly in microwave oven food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and comfortable packaging, etc., therefore, in family life, wet stores, hotels It is widely used in the food packaging field of restaurants and industrial production.


2. What kinds of food can be packaged in different types of plastic wrap?

In cling film packaging, different types of cling film have different application ranges, so there are some differences in the food that can be packaged. Let's briefly explain the following.


Polyethylene cling film, which is a PE cling film, can be used in the packaging of fruits and vegetables, and the semi-finished products purchased from the supermarket are also packaged with this cling film.

PVC cling film, which is a PVC wrap film, can be used on food packaging, but it cannot be used in food packaging such as cooked food and ham.

Polyvinylidene chloride cling film, which is PVDC cling film, is mainly used in the packaging of food such as cooked food and ham.


3. Preservative film food packaging requirements for plastic wrap and conditions to be met

In cling film packaging, in the use of cling film, it is necessary to know some relevant knowledge, and what are the basic requirements for cling film, what conditions should be met, in order to properly carry out the packaging work to maintain the freshness of the food.


The food packaging uses cling film. The basic requirement for cling film is to have oxygen permeability and moisture permeability of humidity, to adjust the oxygen and moisture content around the fresh food, and to block dust to prolong the preservation of food. period. Moreover, it is necessary to select a suitable type of wrap film according to different foods.

The cling film in the wrap film food packaging should meet the following conditions: it is easy to be pulled out and cut, and it is easy to bond with glass ceramics and stainless steel pasta, but not the cling film itself. In color, it is close to transparency. In addition, it can withstand a certain pulling force, and there are no problems such as wrinkles and uneven thickness.