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What effect does plastic wrap the waist have
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The plastic wrapped waist can achieve the effect of losing weight. When the plastic wraps the waist to wrap the body part, it is best to apply some slimming gel or ice crystal on the body, then massage and massage with your hands, and then wrap it.

When wrapping, it is slightly tighter, not loose, so the effect of heating is not great. After wrapping, wait for 15-30 minutes to uncover and wash the skin.

When the plastic wraps the waist, the plastic is used for lower breathability, and then the temperature of the body is rapidly increased in various parts of the body. The body heats up and causes a large amount of perspiration to burn and consume fat, and finally achieves the effect of slimming and slimming. But the principle is the same as diuretics, just to reduce body weight, to achieve weight loss, and did not lose fat.

If the body does not perspire, the body's toxins can not be discharged, and the plastic wrapped waist can promote a lot of perspiration, sweat will be discharged from the sweat glands or sebaceous glands, while sweating is also excreting waste in the body, which can detoxify and slim down. Of course, sweating too much is not good for your health, so you should pay more attention.