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What are the characteristics that Pvc Cling Film Food Wrapping should satisfy?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

In modern family life, the use of various cling film and storage bags has been very extensive. We often need to use these plastic packaging products for physical preservation, such as Pvc Cling Film Food Wrapping is very common.


According to the actual application requirements, the ideal Pvc Cling Film Food Wrapping products should meet the following requirements:


The first should be more convenient in use, easy to be pulled out and cut open;

The second point is that the adhesion to glass ceramics and stainless steel pasta (but not the cling film itself) should be easily achieved;

The third requirement is that the pvc film food package should be as transparent as possible, evenly smooth and wrinkle-free, and able to withstand certain pulling pressures.


For a long time, we can see that many Pvc Cling Film Food Wrapping products have been widely used in food-grade fresh-keeping packaging such as vegetables, melons and frozen foods.