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Types and advantages of Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The Fruit Vegetable Plastic Cling Wrap is a kind of plastic wrap with tiny pores on the microporous wrap film, and its plastic film with a pore diameter of between 0.01μm and 10μm will have high gas permeability to a certain extent, including high to some extent. Water vapor transmission rate, but not liquid water. The microporous plastic wrap and the water permeable plastic film are similar in structure and have tiny pores, but the pores on the microporous wrap film are approximately closed, and the gas is not permeable. The pores of the water permeable membrane are not closed, and the pores are funnel-shaped, and the pores on the front and back sides of the membrane have different shapes and can be permeable to water in one direction.

 Types of plastic wrap for fruits and vegetables

1. Anti-fog plastic film: The transpiration of fruits and vegetables will cause the inner surface of the wrap film to condense and form water droplets, which will promote the proliferation of microorganisms and affect the transparency of the film. The anti-fog film can suppress condensation and water droplets.

2. The plastic wrap is a hydrophobic film. The water vapor condenses on the surface, first forming a small water mist, which affects the transparency of the film, and the water mist re-aggregates to form water droplets. If a surfactant is applied to the surface of the film, the water mist uniformly spreads over the film to form a water film, which does not form a water mist or form a water droplet.