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The purpose of Cling Film Body Wrap and its rational use principle
- Oct 22, 2018 -

We can see a lot of food wrapped in plastic wrap in the supermarket, so what is the purpose of packaging plastic wrap in supermarket food? The purpose of using wrap packaging is simply to keep it fresh.  


Because the space is originally filled with air, whether it is fruit or vegetables, its cells will breathe on their own, consuming organic matter, oxygen and releasing energy, so the time is long, it is not fresh, but wrapped in plastic wrap. It makes up a closed space, the oxygen inside is fixed, vegetables and fruits are not consumed after consumption. After the oxygen is consumed, the vegetables and fruits have no oxygen, and no respiration can occur, and organic matter cannot be consumed. This further extends the storage time of vegetables and fruits.  


 In fact, not all foods can be packaged in cling film. Apples, pears, rapeseed, sorghum and other fruits and vegetables with larger moisture are suitable for cling film. These fruits and vegetables use cling film, which not only keeps them fresh for a long time, but also increases some of them.  


 However, the experimental results of radish, cucumber and beans are completely opposite. After 100 grams of radish wrapped in plastic wrap, the vitamin C content was reduced by 3.4 mg and the beans were reduced by 3.8 mg. After one day of storage, the loss of vitamin C was equivalent to 5 apples.