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The main advantages and functions of PVC Food Cling Film
- Oct 08, 2018 -

PVC Food Cling Film film mainly has the advantages of unitization, primaryization, compression fixation and cost saving. In brief, the main features of quality qualified products are summarized as follows:


First, the product has excellent tear resistance and strong fastening properties;

Secondly, the PVC Food Cling Film film product has good tensile properties, can ensure good transparency when packaging, and the product itself has uniform thickness, which can beautify the packaging effect;

Third, the PVC Food Cling Film film also has a certain longitudinal elongation, good resilience, and excellent self-adhesive lap joint. In the process of utilizing the product, noise, dust, sand, and the like in the winding and stretching process can be alleviated.


In practical applications, PVC Food Cling Film has suitable oxygen permeability and moisture permeability. Moreover, it can adjust the oxygen content and moisture content around the fresh-keeping product, and block the dust in the air, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the food. At the same time, in the transportation and storage, the product is packaged to avoid looseness and prevent the packaged articles from being contaminated with dirt.