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The magic of Plastic Cling Film Roll
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Cling film can be used not only for fresh food, but also for weight loss. The cling film has the function of sealing and sweating, which can speed up the burning and decomposition of fat, and the weight loss effect is remarkable. Fu Rui Xin plastic wrap only needs a few yuan, compared with the expensive slimming products, our plastic wrap weight loss method is absolutely superior.

1, the principle of plastic wrap weight loss, in fact, is the local heating, so that the fat under this skin is quickly decomposed, therefore, plastic wrap weight loss has a certain effect, but also a safe and credible way to lose weight.

2, plastic wrap weight loss can be used for thin stomach, stovepipe, thin arms, the scope of use is also more extensive, generally can be carried out at home, is very simple.

3, wrap film when wrapping the body part, it is best to apply some slimming gel or essential oil on the body, then hand massage and massage, and then wrapped.

4, when wrapping, slightly tighter, not loose, so the effect of heating is not great, after wrapping, wait 15-30 minutes to uncover, wash the skin on it.

5, generally do 2-3 times a week, you can, the weight loss effect is very rapid, especially after the postpartum thin abdomen, really good, worth a try.