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The magic of Kitchen Cling Film kitchen wrap
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Magical 1: Clean kitchen windows and walls with or without

First, spray the cleaning agent onto the oil, then flatten the kitchen wrap on the top, so that the cleaning agent does not flow and does not evaporate. After 30 minutes, the wrap film is then smashed and rubbed back and forth. After that, Wipe it with a dry newspaper or a clean cloth.

Magic 2: Protect the wall next to the cooktop

You can wipe the wall next to the stove with a wet rag before cooking, then stick the kitchen protective film, and after the meal is finished, remove the protective film, which can protect the skin and reduce it. The amount of detergent used.

Magic 3: Help the cutting board to completely eliminate bacteria

The bleach is first diluted to the specified concentration and then applied to the cutting board, followed by a kitchen wrap to wrap the seal. After the cutting board is placed for 30 minutes, it is rinsed with water to complete the sterilization of the cutting board.

Magic 4: Save the dishes that are not used often

Tableware rarely used in the kitchen, such as spoons, forks, etc., can be wrapped in kitchen wrap, so that it does not occupy the place, but also keeps it clean and the textile is broken.