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The ideal characteristics and main materials of plastic Clingfilm roll
- Sep 26, 2018 -

High-quality plastic Clingfilm products should meet such basic characteristics: 1. Easy to be pulled out and cut; 2. Easy to bond with glass ceramics and stainless steel pasta (but not cling film itself); 3. Close to transparent and no wrinkles , uneven thickness appears; 4, can withstand the pressure of general pull.


Although the plastic Cling roll looks inconspicuous, the technical requirements for the production of this product are still very strict. The cling film uses a resin film material that can be used to Cling food. The thickness of the Clingfilm is only several tens of micrometers, and it is excellent in heat resistance and water repellency, and has good oxygen permeability and moisture permeability. It also requires good optical transparency, which limits the selection of raw materials for manufacturing plastic wrap.


At present, when producing plastic Clingfilm rolls, three materials are usually selected, namely polyethylene Clingfilm, polyvinyl chloride Clingfilm and polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) cling film. Among them, PVC cling film is a new type of Clingfilm on the market. It has long application time, low price and wide application. It is generally used for the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables.