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The characteristics of Cling Film Food Wrap and its correct use
- Nov 20, 2018 -

As people's requirements for fresh foods continue to increase, especially under the influence of different environments and temperatures, many people often need fresh food when eating some foods. Therefore, plastic wrap food packaging manufacturers produce and produce various kinds of food. Different cling film, cling film manufacturers in the production and production of plastic wrap not only can bring people more fresh food, but also make people's food more safe and safe to eat.  


Compared with traditional food packaging materials, plastic wrap food packaging has the characteristics of high transparency, good pulling force, etc. It is suitable for food convenience and useful; it can also prevent harmful dust, suitable for food packaging, frozen goods, microwave oven application; Membrane food packaging performs well in terms of dust resistance, price, ease of operation, and practicality.  


However, if it is used in the process, improper use of wrap film food packaging may also cause fresh food to appear unsettled. Therefore, when people are heating oily foods, do not directly contact the plastic wrap and the food, but should maintain a certain distance, so that the wrap film will not be damaged when heated, ensuring food safety. .


For foods that need to be heated, use plastic wrap to cover the utensils, then use a needle such as a toothpick to puncture a few holes on the cling film that can be used for ventilation. This will not only facilitate the evaporation of water, but also avoid it. The plastic wrap is blasted or the like due to gas expansion.