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Supermarket plastic wrap in different fields
- Jan 23, 2019 -

1. The glass in the house is no matter how clean the brush is. After drying, there will always be scale, which is not very transparent. Take a clean plastic wrap and wrap it around your hand to wipe the glass. The cup will be very bright and clean. Of course, glass and bottles are the same principle.

2. Hair care beauty, hair dry and rough, envy bright hair, plastic wrap can help you! After the hair is washed, apply the film evenly. Be careful not to apply it to the hair roots, then wrap the hair with plastic wrap, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

3. The lips have too much keratin and deep lines to make a lip care. After applying the lips for a few minutes, apply a layer of lip balm or vaseline, then cover the lips with plastic wrap and apply a hot towel to get the pink lips you want.