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Several uses of Kitchen magic cling wrap
- Jan 21, 2019 -

No matter how clean the house is, there will always be some dust. They especially like small gaps, such as around the buttons on the remote control, the top of the refrigerator, and the keyboard. Wrap the remote control with the kitchen wrap and blow the interface with a blower. This is equivalent to putting a protective suit on the remote control, and it is difficult to get in the dust.

It is very troublesome to wipe the top of the refrigerator, especially for a short person. It is really tired to climb up and down. A layer of kitchen wrap on the top of the refrigerator keeps the top of the refrigerator clean. Just need to change it occasionally, it can save a lot of things.

Kitchen wrap to remove grease

Attentive friends may find that the kitchen wrap is a clean helper. After cleaning the plastic tableware, it always feels that there are residual oil stains. Try wiping with plastic wrap, and the oil stains can be easily removed.