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Restaurant Plastic Wrap science clever use
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Although the plastic wrap is easy to use, it is also skillful. For example, hot dishes that have just been cooked cannot be covered with plastic wrap. Therefore, it is necessary to wait until the vegetables are completely cooled, and then cover the plastic wrap to protect the vitamin C. The vegetables wrapped in the wrap and the vegetables that were left uncovered with the cover film were placed in the refrigerator for 6 hours, and it was found that the vegetables covered with the plastic wrap did protect the vitamin C.


Secondly, when using the restaurant wrap in the microwave oven, try to avoid contact between food and film, especially for oily foods. When the food is heated, the plastic wrap covering the vessel should be covered with several small holes to avoid blasting. When using, you should also pay attention to the temperature that the plastic wrap can withstand when heated. Strictly heat according to the temperature indicated on the brand or choose a plastic wrap with better heat resistance.


For food such as steamed buns and snacks, it is obviously inconvenient to use the wrap film in the restaurant. In comparison, the fresh-keeping bag is thicker and the gas permeability is not very good. It is relatively suitable, but try not to make the mouth seal too dead. Cooked food, hot food, oily foods, especially meat, it is best not to use the restaurant wrap packaging, choose a safe material, such as fresh-keeping bags, the role of the crisper is mainly sealed, can effectively separate raw and cooked food Storage, so that the space utilization of the refrigerator is increased.