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Recommended purchase of Thin PVC Plastic Wrap
- Nov 29, 2018 -

When purchasing Thin PVC Plastic Wrap, we first recommend buying a self-adhesive cling film made of polyethylene, especially when it is used for preserving meat, fruits, etc., because of the safety, PE cling film is the safest. . If you want a longer shelf life, it is recommended to choose polyvinylidene chloride because the moisture retention performance of this material is better, and the shelf life of the three layers of plastic wrap is the longest.


Because of its good transparency, good viscosity, good elasticity and low price, the Thin PVC Plastic Wrap of PVC material has become a choice for many people, but it must be noted that it cannot be used for the preservation of fatty foods because the fat in food is easy. Dissolving the plasticizer "ethylamine" in the wrap film has a great destructive effect on the human endocrine system and can disturb the hormone metabolism of the human body.


In addition, the thin plastic preservation of polyvinyl chloride should not be heated in a microwave oven and should not be used at high temperatures. Because PVC plastic products will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas at a higher temperature, such as about 50 °C, this gas is harmful to the human body. The high-tech plastic wrap is therefore not suitable for packaging plastic wrap. .