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PVDC environmental issues
- Jun 22, 2018 -

In the 1980s, the world's green envoys and environmental protection organizations launched a massive anti-white pollution campaign. In particular, chlorine-containing plastics insurance was sentenced to capital punishment. McDonald's fast food products in the United States once changed plastic boxes to cartons, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. The country announced that it will no longer use PVC, but overall, chlorine-based plastics are still developing, and PVDC is still increasing at a rate of 2% in Japan. According to statistics from related departments, PVDC accounts for only 0.5% of the city's plastic waste. The dioxin and Dloxin, the carcinogens produced by combustion, are very limited. It is far less than the toxic substances generated by automobile exhaust emissions and deciduous plant burning. Wuxi Institute of Light Industry Prof. Li Lijun, a long-time PVDC packaging expert, wrote an article asking for a comprehensive assessment and a proper assessment of PVDC's environmental pollution. Professor Li Lijun pointed out that "If we replace paper, wood or other traditional materials today with plastic packaging, we will increase packaging waste by a factor of 4, a volume increase of 2.5 times, and total packaging energy and total cost will increase by a factor of 2. Use plastic bags. The total energy consumption can be reduced by 42%-70%, the air pollution can be reduced by 63%-73%, the water pollution can be reduced by 90%, and the total weight of the material can also be reduced by 75%." Therefore, it can be said that some assumptions are not necessarily scientific. Strictly speaking, PVDC pollution is insignificant.