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PVDC cling film
- Jun 22, 2018 -

PVDC cling film is widely used in home and supermarket packaged foods due to its superior transparency, good surface gloss and good self-adhesion; PVDC cling film not only satisfies the preservation of foods in home refrigerators, but also can be used for microwaves. Heating has become one of the commonly used packaging materials in developed countries. PVDC cling film is well-known in Japan and has developed into a mature daily consumer product with an annual usage of more than 25,000 tons; in China, DEHA plasticizer used in PVC cling film has a carcinogenic effect, and some production units that have packaged meat products have also gradually changed. With PVDC or PE cling film, the plastic wrap used by Shuanghui is all PVDC cling film. With the improvement of people's living standards, quality of life, and the acceleration of the pace of life, PVDC will see a large increase in industrial cling film packaging and high-end household cling film.