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Pvc food packaging film use and use instructions
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The pvc food packaging film can be used to cover food containers to protect against bacterial infections. Moreover, it is convenient to store and take when it is used to wrap food. The pvc food packaging film can be used as a banana storage bag, and can also keep other perishable fruits and vegetables.


It should be noted that in consideration of safety issues, there are some details to be aware of when using pvc food packaging film. For example, when heating oily foods, keep the plastic wrap and food in isolation, and do not allow direct contact between the two. Because the food is heated, the food oil may reach a very high temperature, causing the cling film to break and stick to the food.


When heating the object, it is recommended to put a few holes on the packaging film after the pvc food packaging film is covered with the vessel, so as to facilitate the evaporation of moisture and prevent the plastic wrap from blasting due to gas expansion. The highest heat-resistant temperature marked by each brand of plastic wrap is different. If it is necessary to heat for a long time, care should be taken to select a wrap film with high heat resistance.