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Pvc Food Packaging Cling Film's Content
- Feb 04, 2019 -

Food wrap is divided into polyethylene (also known as PE wrap film) and polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC wrap film) according to the material. Among them, PE cling film is mainly sold in various supermarkets, while PVC cling film is mainly used for food packaging in fresh and bulk food areas of supermarkets. In addition, various hotel customers such as hotels and restaurants purchase and use more. Among all kinds of plastic wrap, PVC has the largest market share due to its low price, about six to seventy percent.

Yang Weimin, an expert member of the China Packaging Federation Training Expert Committee, told the reporter that due to the production process, PVC plastic wrap will add a large amount of plasticizer during the production process, which is often called plasticizer. The plasticizer is insoluble in cold water, but it dissolves above 60 degrees Celsius or in oil.

The reporter randomly surveyed ten large and medium-sized supermarkets and found that half of the supermarkets used PVC cling film to directly wrap raw meat and cooked food. Most of the salespersons thought that PVC wrap can be used as long as the hot food is not wrapped.