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PVC basic properties
- Jun 22, 2018 -

1. Soft polyvinyl chloride generally contains 30-50% of the plasticizer. Due to its soft texture and high strength, it has good airtightness and impermeability.

2. Hard PVC is made only with a small amount of plasticizer. It is characterized by its hard texture, high mechanical strength, and good chemical resistance. .

3. Polyvinyl chloride plastics are poor in heat resistance, and the strength is greatly affected by temperature, and the strength at 20° C. is reduced by 80% compared with that at 20° C. Therefore, film products are not easy to use at low temperatures; soft products use temperature does not exceed 45 °C, hard products do not exceed 60 °C, long-term light will be aging and brittle.

4. When the polyvinyl chloride film is processed, in order to prevent the thermal decomposition, it is necessary to add a heat stabilizer. Since the heat stabilizer contains lead salts, etc., the polyvinyl chloride plastic is toxic, so it cannot be used as a food packaging material.

5. PVC plastics and organic solvents and naphthalene and other pest control agents will produce sticky, melting phenomenon, and easy to absorb odor; due to the plasticizer volatile, it should not be stored too long.