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Innovative products for Clear Plastic Wrap For Weight Loss
- Jan 10, 2019 -

In the current market, there are a wide variety of weight loss products, and there are also a variety of transparent plastic packaging slimming packaging film products. In addition to the general type of protective film, it also includes an edible packaging film, a degradable packaging film, and the like. The edible packaging film refers to a film formed by adding an edible plasticizer, a crosslinking agent, or the like to an edible material, and blending them by physical action, and forming them through different processing techniques.


Therefore, according to the characteristics of the main raw materials, the edible transparent plastic packaging slimming packaging film can be divided into four categories: a sugar edible film, a protein edible film, a lipid edible film, and a composite edible film. For the functional film of edible properties, it has been widely used in daily life, such as the sticky rice paper used in the candy packaging, the corn baking packaging cup for packaging ice cream, etc., which are typical edible packaging.


This edible transparent plastic packaging slimming packaging film can also be biodegraded without causing pollution. Another new type of packaging film is a degradable packaging film, which solves the difficulty of recycling some non-degradable packaging materials. The underground will destroy the soil structure, and the incineration will cause air pollution caused by toxic gases. According to the mechanism of degradation, it is mainly divided into photodegradable packaging film and biodegradable packaging film.