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How to use kitchen wrap
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Magical 1: Keeping information

If there are more important paper materials, such as a diploma, you can wrap it in a kitchen wrap and force the air in the cling film away, so that the paper data is not easily oxidized and yellow in the air, and because The cling film is transparent and can be seen at a glance and easy to find.


Magic 2: Grinding work

The things to be ground, such as sesame seeds, are placed in a kitchen wrap, and then the wrap is placed on a hard surface and rolled with a bottle or the like to be ground and the desired powder is obtained.


Magic 3: skin care

If there is a problem with the heel in the winter, apply a lotion such as a moisturizer to the heel after bathing, then put on the kitchen wrap and put on the socks. The heel will become very moist after the next morning, which is very good. Problems such as drying and cracking. At the same time, this problem can occur in other parts of the body in the same way.


Magic 4: Hair care and lip protection

After shampooing, spread the nourishing hair mask evenly on the hair, but avoid developing the root part, then wrap the hair with the kitchen wrap to allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients, usually after 10 minutes or according to the hair mask instruction manual. Time to wash your hair, so that the hair will become soft and shiny. It is also similar to the care of the lips. Apply a few minutes to the lips before going to bed, then apply lip balm or vaseline, then cover the lips with a kitchen wrap, so that the next morning, you can have pink lips.


Magic 5: Treating burns

Potato, it is a kind of thing, but at the same time, it also has anti-inflammatory, detoxification and analgesic effects. Therefore, when it is burned, the skin of the skin can be ground into mud, and then the water is removed and applied to the burned part. It is then wrapped in a kitchen wrap, which can provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the wound and complete emergency treatment before being sent to the hospital for further treatment and treatment.


Magic 6: Heating food in a microwave oven

If you use a microwave to heat the steamed bread, you can first add some water to the plate and cover it with a layer of kitchen wrap. Then put the steamed bun on the plastic wrap to heat it, so that the heated steamed bun will be soft and not hard.