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How to choose the right dustproof plastic wrap
- Aug 24, 2018 -

When purchasing dust-proof plastic wrap, be sure to check whether it is marked with a specific name or chemical structure. If there is only an English name and there is no Chinese mark, the product should be purchased with caution. At the same time, be sure to choose the product labeled "food" to be safer and more reliable.


When purchasing a dust-proof plastic wrap, it is recommended to buy a wrap film made of polyethylene material, especially when preserving meat, fruit, etc., because of the safety, PE dust-proof wrap film is the safest. If you want a longer shelf life, it is recommended to choose polyvinylidene chloride because the moisture retention performance of this material is better, and the shelf life of the three layers of plastic wrap is the longest.


PVC dust-proof plastic wrap film has good transparency, good viscosity, good elasticity and low price, so it has become the choice of many people, but it must be noted that it can not be used for the preservation of oily foods. It should not be heated in a microwave oven.