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Heat shrinkable film
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The structure of PVDC heat shrinkable film is generally PE/EVA/PVDC/EVA/VLDPE (Surlyn), which is produced by co-extrusion. PVDC shrink film is mainly used for packaging cold meat. By adopting a vacuum packaging machine to achieve the packaging of cold meat, using its high shrinkage and high barrier properties, the packaged cold meat products not only have a good appearance, but also can Keep the freshness of cold meat for a long time. In Europe, America, Australia and other places, PVDC shrink film is widely used for packaging fresh beef products. Packaging fresh beef has become an irreplaceable way to extend the shelf life of fresh beef to 2 months. PVDC shrink film is mainly used for packaging fresh pork in China, with a freshness of up to 15 days or more.

Raw meat is different from meat products. Meat products can be directly consumed by end-consumers through packaging, which can cultivate consumer loyalty to the brand. Raw meat is often passed to consumers after processing, so that end consumers only know if there are problems with raw meat and the processing technology of the processors, and the quality of the fresh meat is good (qualitative) and how much better (quantitative) There is no impression, which is not conducive to the cultivation of end-consumer recognition and loyalty of fresh meat brands. By using the PVDC shrink film, fresh raw meat will have its own packaging, thus having its own brand, which in the long run will be an effective means for Chinese meat companies to promote their brands.