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Heat resistant temperature of PVC cling film
- Aug 10, 2018 -

When the PVC cling film is used in the process of heating, the fresh wrap film should be effectively isolated from the wrap film and the food should not be in direct contact with the wrap film. Because the food is heated, the food oil may reach a very high temperature, causing the cling film to break and stick to the food.

PVC wrap film should be covered with plastic wrap when heating food, and then use a needle such as a toothpick to puncture a few holes on the cling film, which is more conducive to the evaporation of water, so that it can effectively prevent The gas expands to cause the wrap to burst.

The highest heat-resistant temperature marked by PVC cling film is different, and some have a difference of about 10 °C. When the temperature in the microwave oven is high, it generally reaches about 110 °C. When it takes a long time to heat, it can be noted that the heat resistance is high. Plastic wrap.

PVC cling film should not be heated in a microwave oven and should not be used at high temperatures. Because polyvinyl chloride plastic products will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas at a relatively high temperature, such as about 50 ° C, this gas is harmful to the human body, so PVC products should not be used as food packaging.