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Heat-resistant temperature and use advantages of Cling film wrap packaging
- Jan 25, 2019 -

When the packaging wrap film needs to know that the oily food is heated during the use, the wrap film and the food should be kept in isolation. Do not make the two directly contact, mainly because the food is heated when the food is heated. It may reach a very high temperature, causing the wrap to break and stick to the food.

When packaging the plastic wrap to heat the food, the container should be covered with plastic wrap, and then a small hole should be placed on the cling film with a needle such as a toothpick to facilitate the evaporation of moisture and prevent the plastic wrap from blasting due to gas expansion.

The highest heat-resistant temperature marked by the plastic wrap of each brand of wrap film is different, and some are about 10 °C. When the temperature in the microwave oven is high, it generally reaches about 110 °C. When it takes a long time to heat, Pay attention to the choice of plastic wrap with high heat resistance.