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Formulation requirements for pvc wrap cling for dust-proof
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The dust-proof plastic wrap is safe and non-toxic. The film made of it is water-permeable and moderately permeable. In order to make its performance more perfect, on the one hand, the crystallinity of the PE film should be lowered to advance the film transparency, flexibility and retractability; Need to improve the viscosity of the dust-proof plastic wrap; also choose the appropriate anti-fogging agent. The simple decrease in crystallinity and the progress of stickiness are difficult to meet the skill requirements, and must be a harmonious balance of functions.


Dust-proof plastic wrap needs to be studied from the selection of processing methods, substrates, bolsters and anti-fogging agents, determination of dosage, flexibility and retractability improvement, etc. Pay more attention to, for example, the substrate is made of PE; to reduce the crystallinity of the PE wrap film, advance its flexibility and retractability, and increase the proper proportion of the flexibility.


Since the PE film has no anti-fogging effect, it is necessary to add an appropriate anti-fogging agent. Then according to the material characteristics and casting characteristics, the melt temperature is controlled at 250~270 °C, the temperature of the casting roll is controlled at 23~28 °C, and the winding tension is controlled within 98N.