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Food wrap film specific use and use instructions
- Jul 21, 2018 -

1. The specific use of food wrap film

Specific use 1: Cover food containers to protect them from bacterial infections.

Specific use 2: used to wrap food, convenient to store in the refrigerator.

Specific use 3: Refrigerate the soup bowl covered with a plastic wrap and separate the oil from the soup.


2. Instructions for using food wrap film

(1) If the oily food is heated, the plastic wrap should be separated from the food, and the two should not be in direct contact. Because the food can reach a very high temperature when the food is heated, the cling film may be damaged or adhered to the food. on.

(2) Before the food is heated, the plastic wrap can be covered with the wrapper, and several small holes are placed on the cling film with a toothpick, which can facilitate the evaporation of water to prevent the plastic wrap from blasting due to gas expansion.

(3) Food wrap films produced by different manufacturers are different in heat-resistant temperature limits, and some may differ by 10 ° C, while the temperature in the microwave oven can reach about 110 ° C. Therefore, if the food needs to be heated for a long time, a plastic wrap with good heat resistance should be selected.