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Food grade PVC Cling Film use range and purchase method
- Jan 04, 2019 -

At present, many food packaging processes are applied to plastic wrap. The main functions of food grade PVC cling film can be summarized into three aspects: 1. Preventing a lot of food from being put together and causing odor; 2. Preventing food from being contaminated by bacteria; 3. Maintaining the nutrients of vegetables and fruits.


However, not all foods are suitable for food grade PVC cling film, such as cooked food, fat-containing foods, it is best not to use plastic wrap. Because plasticizers can be dissolved into food in water or oil above 60 ° C, it is not good for health. And when we buy cling film, we first recommend PE wrap, especially when it comes to meat, fruit and so on. If you want a longer shelf life, it is recommended to choose PVDC material, because this plastic film has better moisturizing performance.


In addition, it is necessary to check whether the specific name or chemical formula is marked from the outer packaging of the food grade PVC cling film. If there is only an English name and there is no Chinese translation, the product should be carefully purchased, and the product marked with the word "food" must be selected.