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Food cling film material and its purchase instructions
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Today, food wrap is an essential item in people's lives. It is understood that there are three kinds of wrap film, one is polyethylene, the other is polyvinyl chloride, and the other is polyvinylidene chloride. Among them, the food wrap film purchased in the supermarket is mostly made of PE cling film, the advantage is moisture resistance and good breathability; PVC cling film can only be used for packaging vegetables and fruit foods; PVDC wrap film can be used for packaging cooked food and other resistance Foods with high gas and oxygen barrier requirements.

When purchasing food wrap, the first thing to pay attention to is the material marked on the product. Polyethylene film is now widely used in food packaging; polypropylene film has high transparency, mainly used for packaging of bread and small food; vinyl chloride film can also It is used for the packaging of corrosive foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Refrigerated and frozen foods in the refrigerator should be made of food wrap, instead of ordinary plastic bags. Of course, food wrap is not used on any product to keep fresh, you should understand the label of wrap film, see what ingredients are included, and then package according to the characteristics of the product.

Many food wraps are marked with warnings such as “cannot be touched with greased food”, “not heated in a microwave oven”, or “not allowed to be used at high temperatures”. Such plastic wrap should be PVC PVC cling film, which should be carefully selected by the public. Pack the meat with this cling film.