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Development trend of food packaging film in Clear Plastic Wrap For Food
- Jan 08, 2019 -

In addition to meeting the performance requirements of ordinary protective films, packaging materials used in transparent plastic packaging foods have stricter requirements for their hygiene and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt corresponding relevant standards and testing procedures in production. Since the transparent plastic packaging food packaging film has the excellent performance of effectively protecting food safety, and its high transparency can effectively beautify the packaging, the position of the food packaging film in the packaging of the product is more and more important.


As far as the current market development situation is concerned, there are many different types of food packaging film products currently available in transparent plastic packaging. These films have excellent performance, good transparency, high tensile strength, certain gas barrier properties and low production cost, and are widely used.


Secondly, some are antibacterial food packaging films. These transparent plastic packaging food packaging films belong to a class of functional films that have the ability to inhibit or kill surface bacteria. According to the form of antibacterial, it can be divided into two types: direct antibacterial and indirect antibacterial.