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Cling Film Wrap Weight Loss use and attention requirements
- Nov 06, 2018 -

In the process of wrap packaging, 100 grams of sassafras wrapped in plastic wrap, in general, the vitamin C content after 24 hours is 1.33 mg more than when not wrapped, and 1.92 mg of rapeseed and lettuce leaves. However, the results of some vegetables are quite different. After 100 grams of radish wrapped in plastic wrap, the vitamin C content is reduced by 3.4 mg, the bean is reduced by 3.8 mg, and the loss of vitamin C is equivalent to 5 after one day of storage. Apples.

The hot food, cooked food and fat-containing foods packaged in plastic wrap are, to a certain extent, meat, and it is best not to wrap them in plastic wrap when handling. Experts pointed out that after the food and the plastic wrap are in contact, it is easy to volatilize the chemical components contained in the material and dissolve it into the food, which is not good for health.


Most of the plastic wrap sold on the market, like the usual plastic bags, are made from vinyl masterbatch. Some cling film materials are polyethylene (referred to as PE), this material does not contain plasticizer, it is relatively safe to use; some materials are polyvinyl chloride (referred to as PVC), this material often adds stabilizers, lubricants Raw materials such as auxiliary processing agents have certain harm to the human body. Therefore, we must be careful in the choice.