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Cling Film For Food use instructions and common wrap film types
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Cling Film For Food, that is, the use of plastic wrap for packaging and preservation of some foods to achieve the purpose of use and use. Moreover, in this specific aspect, it includes some professional knowledge, so it is necessary to learn to understand and master so that you can correctly understand the plastic wrap food and know what it is.


1. Different foods corresponding to different plastic wrap in cling film food

In cling film food, the different cling film is different in the food that can be packaged. It needs to have a clear understanding before it can be correctly selected and used, so that the food has a good fresh-keeping effect.


PE plastic wrap: It is a plastic wrap made of polyethylene, or a self-adhesive wrap film made of polyethylene. Its safety performance is relatively high, so it can be used in the packaging and preservation of meat, fruits and vegetables.

PVC cling film: it is a cling film made of polyvinyl chloride. Its advantages are transparency, viscosity and elasticity, and the price is relatively cheap, but it should be noted that it cannot be used in the packaging of fats and oils, and in cakes and snacks. On the packaging of food. In addition, this type of wrap film cannot be used in a high temperature environment, and therefore cannot be used for microwave food heating.

PVDC plastic wrap: It is a cling film made of polyvinylidene chloride. Its moisturizing performance is better. Therefore, in the preservation of food, it is better than PE and PVC cling film, and its preservation time is longer.


2. PVDC cling film, is it a common type of wrap film food?

PVDC cling film, which is a common type of wrap film food, is a specific type of cling film, mainly used in the packaging and preservation of such foods such as cooked food and ham. In addition, the plastic wrap is made of PVDC, which is safe and non-toxic to the human body and can be used with confidence.


3. Cling Film For Food use instructions

For cling film, for the wrap film, if it is used to package food, it should be marked with the word "food", and for PVC cling film, it should be marked "can not touch the food with grease", "not heated by microwave oven" Warning signs such as “Do not use at high temperatures”. For those plastic wrap that can be used in microwave ovens, the words “can be used in microwave ovens” should be marked, and the heating method and the temperature that can be withstood should be specified in detail, so that various protective films can be used correctly. First, the purpose. In addition, it has some relevant reference standards and needs to be clearly understood.