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Classification and purchase of kitchen cling film
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Kitchen wrap is a common kitchen item in modern homes. It is mainly used in kitchen cooking, for food, or for making materials that can be easily cleaned. It can be said that in the kitchen, the kitchen wrap film has been favored by people for its convenience, economy and beauty.


As far as the common kitchen wrap film currently on the market is concerned, it can be mainly divided into two categories, one is ordinary plastic wrap, which is suitable for refrigerator fresh-keeping; the other is microwave wrap film, which can be used for refrigerator fresh-keeping or for use in refrigerators. Microwave. The latter plastic wrap is far superior to ordinary cling film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the choice of use, and use it separately.


In general, when purchasing, the ideal kitchen wrap film should meet the following basic conditions: first, easy to be pulled out and cut; 2, easy to be with glass ceramics and stainless steel pasta (but not cling film) Adhesive; 3, close to transparency and no wrinkles, uneven thickness; 4, can withstand the general pressure of pulling.