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Can the supermarket specific cling film be retained when the food microwave is heated?
- Jul 28, 2018 -

When the supermarket special plastic wrap is heated in the food microwave oven, experts recommend not to keep it, remove it and then heat the food. If it is purchased from the supermarket and stored directly in the refrigerator, it does not need to be torn off, and it will be removed when cooking is needed. Just fine. In addition, in the steamer, rice cooker to heat food, it is also recommended to remove the supermarket-specific plastic wrap, which is safer.


Different types of plastic wraps for supermarkets are not the same in microwave heating requirements:

PVC cling film is restricted to use, can be used to wrap fruits and vegetables, but can not be wrapped in meat, cooked food and fat foods, and can not be used in microwave heating and high temperature environment.

PVDC plastic wrap can be used to wrap cooked food, etc. It has good oil resistance and barrier properties. It can be used at higher temperatures. The high temperature that can be withstood is about 140 degrees Celsius, so the price is higher than PVC preservation. membrane.