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Antibacterial cycle and antibacterial ability of Pvc food packaging film
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Pvc Food Wrap Film has an antibacterial film and a natural antibacterial film and a polymeric antibacterial film when it is used. Their antibacterial mechanism is through the action of the charge on the molecular chain and the microorganisms, thereby inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms and playing an antibacterial role. The main food packaging is chitosan, sorbic acid, and turmeric root alcohol.

Pvc food packaging film can effectively prolong the antibacterial cycle when used, and can produce antibacterial properties at low concentration, effectively broaden the antibacterial spectrum and inhibit more microorganisms than any single antibacterial film.

The inorganic antibacterial agent of Pvc food packaging film is an antibacterial agent which is made of metal, such as silver, copper, zinc, titanium and the like, and which is sterilized and bacteriostatic during operation, and is made of antibacterial plastic for the first time with inorganic antibacterial agent. film. Since the inorganic antibacterial agent is a dissolution contact type antibacterial agent, the antibacterial action of the inorganic antibacterial agent film is passive. There are two explanations for the antibacterial mechanism of metal ions.