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Anti-fog and breathability of PVC Transparent Cling Film
- Oct 12, 2018 -

PVC Transparent Cling Film is widely used, its products can be packaged with grease and food, while PE cling film can also be heated in a microwave oven at a temperature not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius. In addition, distinguish between different types of plastic wrap tips. 1. See transparency: PE wrap film has poor transparency and PVC wrap film has good transparency. 2. Pull the experiment. The PE cling film has a small pulling force and the PVC cling film has a large pulling force. 3. PVC cling film is much stronger than PE cling film. Transparent transparency ofPVC Transparent Cling Film The transparent transparent wrap film of PVC is effectively packaged by the special packaging machine of the automatic packaging machine, and has a transparent feeling that should be viewed, and can increase the luster of freshness, so that the value of the product can be greatly improved. Anti-fog property ofPVC Transparent Cling Film The PVC transparent wrap film has very good anti-fog property, and it can improve the display effect of the product even for fresh foods which are prone to misty water droplets. Breathability ofPVC Transparent Cling Film Fresh vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms need to be freely exchanged for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Appropriate gas permeability can extend the shelf life of food.