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Advanced technology in the production of food safety Plastic Wrap
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Food safety cling film is classified according to the purpose, one is general food safety wrap film, which is suitable for refrigerator fresh-keeping; the other is microwave food safety wrap film, which can be used for refrigerator fresh-keeping or microwave oven. The latter plastic wrap is far superior to the general wrap film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the choice of cling film and use it separately.


In the production process of food safety wrap, a lot of cash technology will be used. Firstly, the oil differentiation technology will distill the crude oil, and the other technologies will form ethylene, and then chemically change to make vinylidene chloride. This is followed by a polymerization technique in which vinylidene chloride is polymerized to form polyvinylidene chloride, which is the raw material for food safety wrap.


Further, the extrusion film forming technique melts and melts the fine-grained polyvinylidene chloride material, and uses a soft and stretchable property of the material to form a film by expanding the internal inflation. Then, through the slitting and slitting technology, the rolled film is wound into a film according to different specifications of the product, and is packaged and shipped.