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A Brief History of PVDC Development
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The development of PVDC industry is mainly with the development of its application technology. The original PVDC industry, its products are only used for moisture-proof packaging of military products. In the mid-fifties, it was promoted by the United States DOW Company to civilian use, because it solved the blown film technology with a thickness of only 12 microns and its self-adhesion. It was accepted by American housewives. As a food preservation film, it is still prevalent today. The development of membrane compounding, coating compounding, enteric coating, and co-extruded film technology has become more widespread in the military, pharmaceutical, and food packaging industries. In particular, with the rapid development of modern packaging technology and the pace of modern life, a large number of quick-frozen fresh packaging, microwave oven cooker revolution, the extension of food and drug shelf life, so that the application of PVDC is more popular. For decades, its dominant position as a high barrier packaging material has not been shaken. The high-barrier new material EVOH, which appeared in the 1980s, once threatened the development of PVDC because of its recyclable performance, but due to the sharp decline in barrier function of EVOH under high humidity, it could not be further developed, including biaxially stretched nylon membranes. , can not replace a variety of excellent features of PVDC.

The PVDC industry originated from the United States DOW Chemical Co., and was mainly used for military packaging due to its early coincidence with the "World War II." This gave PVDC industrial technology a layer of mystery. Coupled with its high technological content, it became the DOW company for many years. An industrial technology that does not decrypt or transfer. In the 1960s, it cooperated and developed with Japan, and PVDC produced by Japan's Wu Yu Company and Xu Yi Company could compete with DOW in the market. In the United States, DOW transferred DOW's latex to Hampshire, USA for the production of PVDC latex.